Download GB WhatsApp Apk 2024

More than five billion people are using WhatsApp, in this you will see some people using WhatsApp Messenger, some using WhatsApp Business, but due to the lack of some features, people have stopped using it.

Started downloading new new whatsapp in which you people get gb whatsapp ym whatsapp so many more whatsapp that people are using which have few features that whatsapp

If you don’t find app messenger or whatsapp business then I will tell you guys how to download  one whatsapp gb whatsapp in apk how you guys can use gb whatsapp are and can be downloaded.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp

The benefits of using GB WhatsApp is that some features that you don’t see in normal WhatsApp are also featured in WhatsApp.

If any person sends you a message on GB WhatsApp and deletes that message, then that message will also be visible to your people, besides, any person who posts a WhatsApp status deletes it. Those WhatsApp statuses can also be seen by up people

Apart from this, you can change themes, backgrounds, colors, etc. on GB WhatsApp, which are not available in normal WhatsApp.

In addition, you can add photos on the home screen of WhatsApp. This is also a feature of GB WhatsApp. In normal WhatsApp, you cannot add photos on the home screen. Yes, you can add photos on the chat screen, but GB. WhatsApp can have photos on the home screen.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

One of the disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp is that when you use normal WhatsApp it is end-to-end encrypted, your data is saved but GB WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. No, your data may be leaked.

How to download Gb whatsapp Apk in Android

You guys can’t download GB WhatsApp from google play store, you guys have to download it in APK itself, I will provide you guys a link in which you guys can easily download GB WhatsApp.

You people who are reading this paragraph will find a button at the end of which you can download GB WhatsApp by clicking on it.


How to download Gb whatsapp in iOS

To download GBWhatsApp on iPhone or iOS, you have to click on a trusted link to download GBWhatsApp, warning you about the expired security certificate. But you have to ignore it and download GB WhatsApp,

after that you guys have to sign in GB WhatsApp and put your number and you guys also upload your backup here. After that GB WhatsApp will run in the iPhone.



I have told you guys the complete procedure to download GB WhatsApp, how you guys can download GB WhatsApp in Android and how to download GB WhatsApp in iPhone.

I have told you guys only for education purposes that how you guys can download GB WhatsApp, you guys should not misuse it, my advice is that you guys should download WhatsApp Messenger.

Download which is more trusted and end-to-end encrypted than GB WhatsApp.And your data is also saved in it.

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