Who viewed your WhatsApp profile photo

Today, more than five billion people are using WhatsApp, of course you will also be a part of WhatsApp. Every day there is a new update in WhatsApp. Here are some profile settings of WhatsApp that you may not know about.

There are many features in WhatsApp but we will tell you about few important features.

You guys are also using profile photos on WhatsApp, I will tell you some features of WhatsApp profile photos that you guys don’t know.

Best 2 Important WhatsApp photo

Five billion people use WhatsApp, so almost five billion people are putting file photos on WhatsApp, everyone is putting WhatsApp profile photos, but these two features that I am going to tell you about. No one would know.

  • screenshot block on profile photo
  • Who viewed your WhatsApp profile photo

screenshot block on profile photo

There were some features of WhatsApp where screenshot could not be taken. If you people used to turn on Once View option before sending a photo to someone on WhatsApp,Then that person could not even take a screenshot there.

I could see this photo only once, now WhatsApp has blocked the screenshot even on the file photo on WhatsApp by increasing this feature.

Who viewed your WhatsApp profile photo

In the previous feature, I told you that no one can take a screenshot of your file photo on WhatsApp, but now I am going to tell you about a feature of WhatsApp profile photo that you absolutely need to know.

You will not even know about the file photo on WhatsApp. If anyone tries to take a screen shot of your WhatsApp profile photo or looks at it, then you can check who is the person who is using your WhatsApp profile.

The app looks at profile photos and its full list of people will know who is looking at which number’s file photo on WhatsApp.

But there is no official option in WhatsApp yet so that you can check who has seen my WhatsApp profile photo, for that you have to download an app which Will tell people who sees your WhatsApp profile photo

How to Download App

By the way, there are many apps from which you can find this, but I will tell you about this app that I use myself, how to download this app. There are many ways to download but you guys must have seen a download button at the end of this article, you guys have to click on it and you guys can download this app.


Two features of WhatsApp profile photo I have told you guys in this article, you guys can use these two features these two features are told to guys only for educational purposes, you guys should use them wrongly. You guys don’t.

By the way, there are many more features in WhatsApp, but I have told you only two important features of File Photo on WhatsApp, by using which you will increase the experience of using WhatsApp.


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